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Quality raw materials

幸运时时彩平台 Fiber cotton, fiber blanket, fiber felt, fiberboard, fiber paper, PMF-1600 fiber laminated block, fiber folding module block, composite fiber prefabricated block, fiber shaped products, resistance wire series products, high temperature fiber furnace, etc.

Advanced high-tech equipment

幸运时时彩平台 The company has advanced lightweight refractory manufacturing technology and equipment and the high, medium and low-grade lightweight refractory for below 1800 ℃ etc.

Extensive range of applications

Products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering, rare earth, machinery, electronics, ceramics, glass enamel, microwave, military, scientific research institutes and other industries.

Perfect production process

Company’s products aim to be excelsior in every part from raw materials to warehouse-out finished products.

Strict detection means

The company strictly controls the product quality, so that products can be 100% direct contact with the flame, easy to install and use.

The construction case of Nengcheng crystalHigh temperature industrial furnace
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